Student-Athlete & Team Honors


2020-2021: All-Conference: Cash Daniels-Moye, Dillon Gregory, Axel Keller, and Ray Shaw

2019-2020: Season not completed due to pandemic

Basketball (M)

2020-2021 Conference Honorable Mention: Brody Mitchell & Tyler Nelson

2019-2020 All-Conference: Amir Ross & Jordan Yarrell

2019-2020 Conference Honorable Mention: Devin Crumble & Jaylin Daniels

2018-2019 All-Conference: D'Andre Ervin & Jordan Yarrell

2018-2019 Conference Honorable Mention: Jaylin Daniels & Brandon Forrest

Basketball (W)

2020-2021 All-Conference: Ramsey Cureton & Dana Galinis

2020-2021 Conference Honorable Mention: Destini Hunt

2019-2020 Conference Honorable Mention: Dana Galinis & Destini Hunt

2018-2019 Conference Honorable Mention: Zoe Smith & Nicole Wynn

2016-2017 CPIC Regular Season Runner-Up

2015-2016 CPIC Regular Season Runner-Up

2014-2015 All-State: Sydnee Neal

Cross Country

2020-2021: Finished 3rd at CPIC Championships (Men & Women)

2020-2021: All-Conference: Esteban Escobar, Maggie Geiger, Reagan Hollenbaugh

2018-2019 All-Conference: Blaise Glennon

2017-2018 Finished 10th in the State (Men)

2016-2017 Finished 6th in the State and CPIC Runner-Up (Men)

2016-2017 All-State & All-Conference: Paul Blain


2020-2021 All-State: Rion Roseborough and Josiah Thompson

2020-2021 All-Conference: Nate Hasselbach, Grason Heath, Ethan Mitchell, Rion Roseborough, and Josiah Thompson (honorable mention: Joey Koesters and Will McMinn)

2019-2020 All-State: Josiah Thompson

2019-2020 All-Conference: Josiah Thompson


2020-2021 All-Conference and Conference Player of the Year: Davis Miller (finished tied for 7th at the state championships)


2019-2020: Season not completed due to pandemic

Soccer (M)

2019-2020 All-Conference: JT Lee

2018-2019 All-Conference: Zach Mitchell

2018-2019 Conference Honorable Mention: Vinny Junior

Soccer (W)

2020-2021: All-Conference: Maggie Geiger and Michelle Saucedo-Trinidad

2019-2020: Season not completed due to pandemic

2018-2019 Conference Honorable Mention: Maddy Tivnan & Nicole Wynn


2020-2021: Luke McCarthy placed 1st in the 500 Free at the NCISAA Swimming Championships

2020-2021: No Conference Awards due to pandemic

2019-2020 Conference Swimmer of the Year: Ava LaJoie

2019-2020 All-Conference: Maggie Geiger & Ava LaJoie

2018-2019 CPIC Championship Runner-Up (Men)

2018-2019: Ainsley Delbridge placed 3rd in the 50 Free at the NCISAA Swimming Championships

2018-2019 CPIC Regular Season Runner-Up (Women)

2018-2019 All-Conference: Ainsley Delbridge

2017-2018 All-Conference: Ainsley Delbridge

2016-2017 All-Conference: Paul Blain & Ainsley Delbridge

2016-2017 Conference Swimmer of the Year: Ainsley Delbridge


2020-2021 3rd Round of NCISAA 2A Playoffs

2020-2021 CPIC Player of the Year: Mary Grace Flowers

2020-2021 CPIC Tournament MVP: Hailey Davenport

2020-2021 CPIC All-Tournament Team: Hailey Davenport, Mary Grace Flowers, Drea Gauquie, Calie Phelps

2020-2021 CPIC All-Conference: Cayley Davenport, Hailey Davenport, Mary Grace Flowers, Jamie Galinis, Calie Phelps

2020-2021 CPIC Regular Season & Tournament Champions (Varsity)

2019-2020 All-State: Mary Grace Flowers

2019-2020 All-Conference: Hailey Davenport & Mary Grace Flowers

2019-2020 Conference Honorable Mention: Karsen Barfield & Calie Phelps

2018-2019 All-Conference: Mary Grace Flowers

2018-2019 Conference Honorable Mention: Calie Phelps

2016-2017 CPIC Regular Season Runner-Up

2015-2016 CPIC Regular Season Runner-Up

2013-2014 CPIC Regular Season Champion (JV)

2013-2014 All-State: Annie Randall